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M. S. King - The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill (2016) pdf - roflcopter2110


Posted by roflcopter2110 •2287 on January 8, 2018 in Ebooks » Misc , verified torrent

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M. S. King - The British Mad Dog - Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill (2016) pdf - roflcopter2110
M. S. King - The British Mad Dog (2016) pdf - roflcopter2110.pdf   54.98 MB

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M. S. King - The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill (2016) pdf - roflcopter2110


Genre: Leaders & Notable People, Political
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1530657741
ISBN-13: 978-1530657742
Format: PDF

Check any list of ‘great men’ of the 20th Century and you’re sure to find Winston Churchill ranked near the top. It was the courage, the strength, the indomitable will and the inspirational oratory of ‘The British Bull Dog’ - we are told - that saved Britain and the ‘free world’ from capitulating to Hitler. For such noble attributes and deeds, statues of ‘Sir Winston’ stand all over England, and even in Canada, the USA and continental Europe. Countless schools bear his name, as do parks, towns, squares, highways, streets, tanks, submarines, ships, mountain ranges, trust funds and even cigars. More than just a great statesman, Churchill was – the court-historians assure us – a literary giant as well. His numerous historical works made him one of the most prolific writers ever to serve as head of state. There is one wee-little problem with this flattering historical narrative of Churchill -- it is false! And by false, author M S King doesn’t merely mean to say embellished, exaggerated or incomplete. No, the entire tale is a monstrous lie originally engineered to conceal the foul deeds of a deranged warmonger, and perpetuated out of ignorance and academic arrogance. In ‘The British Mad Dog’, King draws heavily upon ‘mainstream’ sources to strip bare the phony facade of this vilest of charlatans. The surgical precision with which Churchill is cut down to size will radically change not only your view of the man, but also of the fake world in which we live in.


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